November 7, 2012

the day after

I'm not going to start a huge rant today. Nor do I feel it necessary to get into great detail on my political views (I will say I am thrilled with the outcome of the American election). However, waking up this morning and seeing a crazy amount of my Canadian friends blowing up Facebook and Twitter with comments, some quite emphatically, about an election in another country absolutely blows my mind. If only these same people gave two shits about politics in their own country, then perhaps we wouldn't have elected such a jack ass as PM. Just saying. 

Dressing like the American flag today was totally unintentional. 

sweater: Mango
jeans: Garage
scarf: Dynamite
shoes: Verona

1 notes:

maryse said...

I love that sweater and that scarf. And I'm very happy about the outcome of our elections too. I would think that most Canadians would feel as you do but it appears I'm wrong. Oh well.