November 6, 2012

swedes are geniuses

Ikea opened the largest store in Canada about a year ago. I've been a few times when we've had someone to look after Gia. The thought of taking her to that giant maze of a store gives me instant anxiety and I never thought I'd make it out with my sanity intact. Last night I received their flyer in the mail, and because we had no plans today, I decided to head to the other end of town to brave Ikea, with Gia in tow. Turns out Ikea might just be the most kid friendly place on earth, aside from all things Disney. The very first "room" had kids toys in it, and every other room there after had something for her to touch, move, climb on etc. We were there for 3 hours, and it was perhaps the most fun shopping trip I've ever had. Thank you Ikea, you really did think of everything, and my apologies for doubting that you would!

cardigan & elastics: H&M
tee: AE
jeans: Gap
boots: Steve Madden Troopa boots via Town Shoes
bag: Aldo

2 notes:

Nataliya said...

I love taking my 3 year old to Ikea. It's the best. We might go there once a week in the winter, just to get out of the house. It doesn't hurt that the store is 5 min away from our house :)

did you get anything for the house?

jen@closetrivalry said...

I think we will be regulars once the cold hits! I did get a few little things...door mat, lantern, candles, some Christmas tree ornaments, placemats and a hanging thing to display Gia's artwork.