November 4, 2012

sunday breakie at the pub

I have spent since Friday at home coughing up a lung(s) because I guess strep throat a couple of weeks ago wasn't enough torture. We did venture out this morning to the pub for breakie and I kept it together and didn't have a coughing fit so I'm pretty proud of myself. Despite this feat, I spent most of the night on the couch watching TV and trying not to cough so was I was not in the mood for a little photo shoot so all you get are a couple of iPhone pics.

leather moto jacket ~ vintage via Etsy shop Ramona Darkness
jeans ~ William Rast via Holt Renfrew
scarf ~ bought in Sayulita, Mexico @ Revolucion Del Sueno
hobo bag ~ Alexander Wang's Donna via Soraya Bakhtiar
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed

Jen's post yesterday of her need for some winter boots reminded me that I had wanted to get myself a pair of mukluks last year and never did. I think I should finally get around to getting some so I'll be all set for winter with my Canada Goose jacket. I love the ones from Manitobah Mukluks. They've got several great styles but I think I'd go with a leather one because suede would be bad news and I need them to last and look good. (I'm thinking of going to Beaded Dreams this week to see if they have any). Here's the one I'm thinking of, in either grey or black.

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