November 3, 2012


Husband asked me for a Christmas list last night so I've been thinking about what to put on it. I figure that with Gia getting older, I'll be spending more time outdoors this winter then the last few. I do not own snow boots, and with the horrible weather this city gets in the winter I'm thinking a pair should be on the top of my list. I'm trying to decide which of these Sorel boots would be the best to go with everything, especially my gray parka

Joan of Arctic

1964 Premium

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kim. said...

i really don't like the whole pull-off-your-socks thing that my sorels do but if you insist on a pair then i really like the last ones but i'd worry about the suede getting messed up.

AMR said...

How totally toasty and dry your feet stay out there are worth all the sock-eating on removal.
All three are great choices - the top (warmest) and 2nd pair are more practical/easily rinsed. I really like 3rd but, with Kim, think the low suede back would take a beating on grubbier/salt/slush days. That said, they're Sorel so would still last you many winters.
I am near certain that the first day you wear them you will experience a great "why, why, why did I wait so long to get a pair" feeling.
Great boots.

Devon Davis said...

Hey! So, I actually have the 3rd pair. The tall grey boots. They aren't suede leather really. they are thick, raw leather that has been treated with polymers and sealants on the back to be waterproof, and the surface is elephant hide type leather. It's sort of rugged and roughed up looking. I have worn them for 2 winters so far, this is the 3rd coming up, and the still look mostly new. That's wearing them in Portland, Oregon, with extreme wet weather. The only thing that has aged at all, is that the bottom rubber sole is white, and has stained a little bit... but, it really only shows from the bottom. These DO pull off socks when taken off, so that's true. But, totally worth it. These are my goto's along with the Malibu Cowboy Boots for wintery weather! I got mine at Zappos. They also are really comfortable. I have Sorel Mary Janes, too. I agree with AMR! Get them!

I also sort of feel like I could be in an ABBA video when I wear them, and that makes me feel AWESOME :)

jen@closetrivalry said...

Cate the Great are my fave pair, but a lot of reviews say they are too high on short people so I'm thinking I should get to a store and try them on. Glad you like yours...makes it worth the money when they are awesome!