November 29, 2012


The little one refused to change into clothes this morning.  So I left her to play for a few more minutes and decided to take pics. Well, Gia quickly abandoned her toys when she saw the tripod being set up. In her favorite airplane onesie, she totally photobombed every picture! Too bad I didn't yet have her in a matching outfit "like mama's" (which she is now requesting on the daily).
I need to pick up a few shirts that are a little tighter fitting. Since I've dropped a few more pounds I find a lot of my tops (like this one) are making me look quite frumpy. Here's what I threw together today for a trip to the library and some quick errands.

top: Zara
scarf: Dynamite
cords: Gap
boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund
glasses: Coach
watch: Fossil
heart bracelet: Birks

4 notes:

Lyn said...

Gotta say, I really want the airplane onesie. Wonder if they make them in XXL?

AMR said...

I would also like an airplane onesie XXL....great/so comfortable for long flights!
In the second photo it looks like you captured the precise moment of realization: "Yes, I will never be alone. Ever." :)
p.s. Love the boots.

kim. said...

i miss the little munchkin. I also would love some onesies for the winter. I would totally lounge in them for movie watching.

jen@closetrivalry said...

Once upon a time a friend had two pairs of adult onsies made for me...I sadly have no idea where they are.
If by the slim change any of you are actually serious, I saw them for sale at BoatHouse!