November 1, 2012

oct 31

Yesterday was jam packed full of birthday and Halloween fun. My husband took the day off to spend with us so we started it off with a big crepe breakfast, followed by a trip to playgroup and a stop at McDonald's (as requested by the birthday girl) for lunch. We had another mini party with my other sister, her kids, and all the grandparents early in the evening. Since Gia doesn't like cake (seriously, this kid's taste buds are weird) we had birthday ice cream cones and started the prep for trick or treating. We headed out for a few hours on my street, where the majority of my neighbours get into the Halloween spirit big time. We had smoke machines, giant inflatable pumpkins, scary music blaring, graveyards, and a few houses decided to join together, and had a mini campfire in the street. One of the guys dressed up like Colonel Sanders and was handing out candy from a chicken bucket. We walked, and ate loads of candy, and headed home once our sugar highs were in full effect!

Here's what I wore for Halloween night. Layers were needed since it was damp & chilly, and since it'd been raining all day, my Wellies to tackle puddles.

sweater: Jacob
flannel shirt: AE
tank: H&M
jeans: Garage
boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Gia and Simon are opposites. He MUCH prefers cake to ice cream.