November 16, 2012

milk run

I left the house today for approximately 8 minutes, to run to the store for milk. I could have stayed in pj's, with no one around to judge (not that I really care anyway), but I said a while back that I will make every effort to get dressed in the morning. It doesn't have to be fancy, or accessorized head to toe. Getting dressed and slapping on some powder and mascara makes me a better mom. Wearing jogging pants all day long makes me less attentive, more sluggish, and overall blah.  I like feeling good, and looking decent helps. This is saying a lot for an outfit consisting of a flannel shirt and ripped jeans, but it's an outfit nonetheless. 

jacket & shirt: AE
jeans: Garage
scarf & hat: H&M
shoes: Converse

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