November 7, 2012


I mentioned the other day I'm dying for a new bag. I'm not sure I brought up the fact that I find most bags not worthy and boring. To my shock and delight, 2 bags popped up on Shopbop today that I love.   Trouble is both aren't in colours I really want.

Backpacks are super popular this fall, and I'd love one. I love to be hands-free so cross body bags and backpacks are ideal for me. At first glance I thought the leather backpack above by Bed Stu was burgundy (YES!) but it turns out it's brown. Not too bad but I am dying for a burgundy bag. I'm still VERY tempted. And the price ($315.76 CDN) is really good.

There there was this bag by Rebecca Minkoff:

It's cross-body, but I use my black Alexander Wang hobo all the time which is black and cross-body so again, would LOVE this in another colour. LOVE the zippers and fringe bits.

Should I get the backpack????

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

yes. yes you should.

i got a really cute backpack at urban outfitters (on one of our recent Toronto trips). It's Deena and Ozzy and I paid $40 for it I think (it was on half price). Black faux leather with studs. I love it.

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

forgot to add that the Minkoff bag is TO DIE FOR. the end.

jen@closetrivalry said...

Do you have jackets that would go with a brown bag (ie: not black...I'm not a fan of dark brown and black)?
I like it, but I like the black one from your last bag post more.

kim. said...

i don't mind black and brown (ie. my outfit today). for jacket i've got grey, green...
don't really want another black bag....i do like the backpack from last post alot and should have bought the burgundy one before they sold out.

kim. said...

praying it shows up in another colour