November 21, 2012

jacket hunt

I am completely and totally defeated today. Being cooped up with a sick kid for 3 days (we never made it out yesterday) is driving me mental. She is in a foul mood and nothing I do makes her happy. I feel so bad for the poor little snot machine, but at the same time my patience is quickly disappearing. I haven't had a minute to myself today, as the kid has been permanently attached to me so I'm gross and disheveled and won't be posting "3rd day hair + leggings and the same old chambray top" pics.

I've been looking for a casual jacket for weeks and am failing miserably when at the mall. So I looked around online and found a few options. I'm hoping for some Black Friday deals and I'll pick one up later in the week.

Zara cape coat
Le Chateau faux leather bomber jacket
Mango suede biker jacket
Gap tweed moto jacket

Gap sherpa lined denim jacket
AE Military Jacket

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

I just saw that last one on their site yesterday and wanted it!