November 24, 2012

it's a cardi, again

So that makes 3 days in a row of cardi wearing. Actually, 4 because I didn't photograph one of the outfits. 
This is what I wore today for a little family outing at the mall. We all needed to get our passport photos done for a trip that we have not yet planned, but really hope to go on in the coming month. You know what's not fun, trying to get a 2 year old to look at the camera dead on, with a closed mouth, while STANDING on a very high stool so that her head was in the middle of the white background. The whole situation made me sweat, but eventually (after the employee who was making Gia shy, gave us instructions, handed over the camera and went in the back to hide) we got one pic that may or may not be usable. Ahhhh, I really don't want to have to do it again so the passport office better accept it.

cardi: Mango
tank: Old Navy
jeans: Garage
boots: Verona
bag: Asos
necklace: H&M
rings: Mexico

2 notes:

kim. said...

love that cardi. cardi cardi cardi

Chantal said...

I second that.... Love love love love the cardi!!!