November 16, 2012

got my hair did

Thanks to Jen's fabulous new hair, I decided to bite the bullet and try a new salon for the first time in about 15 years. Jen's buddy Crystal who works at modmop hooked me up with a much better haircut and highlights (via foils) that were several months overdue. It is SO much better than the "bob" I had and the faded colour had really washed me out. Now it's a bit darker with blond bits and the cut is showing off my shaved-ness which is much cooler IMHO. Looks like I'll be sporting some toques this winter to keep my head warm though. :) Thanks Crystal!!!

6 notes:

kim. said...

:-) thanks! that's 2 for 2!

Crystal @modmop said...

Kim, you were a lot of fun! I appreciate so much, that you inspired me today. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this new twist on your own individual look:)

kim. said...

Awww, thanks Crystal. LOVE my hair AND it was great chatting wif ya.