November 15, 2012


My parents are heading on a 3 week trip so I brought Gia over to their place today to say goodbye. My Mom and I ended up going through her jewelry box, and I scored this beautiful garnet ring that her parents bought her when she was a teenager. It's absolutely gorgeous and I love that it is chunky and quite similar in style to my engagement ring. I brought home a bunch of my gold jewelry that I hadn't seen in years so I'm about to pick through it and see if anything still fits. I think I am, like Kim, converting from being a silver-only gal!

coat: Winners
scarf: my Dads
shirt: Zara
jeans: Gap
ankle boots: Spring
necklace & thick gold bad: Aldo
garnet ring: my moms

1 notes:

kim. said...

AS IF you scored that ring! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!
the boots look great.