November 23, 2012

friday at the office

I am so exhausted I insisted on an outfit for comfort today. And you all should be so proud of me - I have yet to buy a single thing from Black Friday's sales. And Solea, a shoe store about a minute drive from my house and only store in this city that sells Fluevogs, is having a 50% off entire store sale for the next couple of hours and I have decided to NOT GO. But believe me when I say I'm DYING HERE! (If I am going to buy anything, I'd like it to be a new bag.)

sweater with lace front ~ Topshop via The Bay
jeans ~ Dish via Urban Trade (still dying to find similar jeans, and then buy 8 of them)
loafers ~ Modern Vintage via Wolf & Zed
watch ~ Michael Kors
bracelet ~ Balenciaga

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Anonymous said...

I love both your blogs. Thanks for blogging! Have definitely noticed your love for jeans. I just bought both pairs of the leopard print skinny rockstar jeans from Old Navy. They are awesome. I own so many pairs of the rockstar jeans. Thought you might like these too.

kim. said...

OH!! Those are cute and CHEAP! Thanks for the link!

kim. said...

P.S. Just ordered both - except I have no clue what size i am so i hope i guessed right! (jen helped tho' cause she has 3 pairs).

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a comment and it got deleted ... let's try again ...

Ha! I didn't mean to be a bad influence, although I guess, maybe, I DID mean to be a bad influence.

The jeans are great. Not crummy or cheap looking in person. The darker ones are quite dark, with limited contrast between the print and background. But part of me likes that. Kind of like a surprise print. I'm still waiting for the grey ones to arrive. Thinking I will like those even more.

Jen knows a good thing. I also bought the mint coloured cord version tonight. I am now officially cut off from buying any more.

Hopefully you like them :) If all goes well, looking forward to seeing them on here!
(BTW, I live in Ottawa too and have been hibernating all day, so cold)

kim. said...

OH - mint cord! I'll see how the 2 I ordered work out and might go back for more. And $25 jeans does not a bad influence make. :-)
Don't even talk to me about this cold. And then there's the damn wind trying to yank my plastic porch roof off the past 2 days.

Honnie said...

Hey Kim,

Just wanted to let you know that the pants just went on an even bigger sale (19 $ each). I called Old Navy's customer service line and asked for a price adjustment; they gave it to me, no problem.

Honnie (have been commenting an anonymous previously),5773859,DP_Major_W&clink=5773859

kim. said...

OH! Thanks for letting me know Honnie!! (I'm still waiting for my shipment to show up)