November 18, 2012

forever 21 sales

Last Friday my twin sister told me Forever 21 was having a crazy weekend sale - 50% off clearance items. I bought a whole bunch of stuff because the prices were too good to pass up. I ended up with 2 toques, a scarf, a pair of platform pumps, a pair of pants, 3 jackets and 2 blazers - all for $77.29 including tax! (and free shipping!) INSANITY! (and for crissakes, everything desperately needs ironing)

This first one is my favourite - a denim moto jacket...for $6.99!!!

This faux leather bomber with detachable collar was $9.99

This neon leopard print bomber jacket is cheesy but I love it, and it was $8.49

This fancy satin trim crop blazer was only $8.99!

This striped navy/white shawl collar blazer is really thin so will be great as a layering piece in the summer. It was $7.99.

Everything above fits great - these gingham jeans are way too big. I'm hoping they'll shrink in a hot wash or look ok crammed in my tall Fluevog boots...or I give them to my twin. They were $5.99 (and I should have bought like, 3 of them to make sure I had the one that fit best).

These tribal print pumps are SO cute but I stupidly ordered a half size larger than my size as I usually do with boots/shoes not thinking I can't really wear these with thick socks. I might try getting a heel pad and trying them with socks to see if that works. Otherwise they're going in the next bag of donate stuff. 

Love this knitted fair isle scarf for $5.49

I haven't tried these beanies on yet by my twin bought the chevron one and said it looked like crap. Ah well - they were $2.49 and $3.99.

And because I was in a rush to buy this stuff I made my twin buy me this tank when she got around to placing her order. It was $6.50.

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