November 26, 2012

first snow

I took Gia out for some fun this morning followed by a lovely mama-daughter lunch date. Although there was nothing I wanted to do more then stay in my pyjamas while drinking copious amounts of chamomile tea, I would have felt bad keeping her home on account of me, after she was cooped up all last week. Plus it actually snowed overnight so she was super stoked to get outside and see what exactly the white stuff was. She touched it and proclaimed "my finger cold, brrr", then later freaked when she noticed snow melting off her boots in the car "oh no, my boots dripping mama". 
So I wore this, and my parka, which almost got rid of the chills. I'll be back to bitch again tomorrow:)

sweater: JoeFresh
tank: H&M
pants: Zara
boots & ring: Aldo
bracelet & necklace: childhood gifts
watch: from my Moms jewelry box!
glasses: DKNY

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