November 25, 2012

domestic sunday

I figured this day would come, given I've spent the week wiping Gia's nose and covering her coughs. I'm sick. Agh. I foresee another long week coming up. In case I get worse instead of better we headed out early today to get groceries and I've spent the rest of the day thus far cleaning. I'm quite OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my house so I'm doing as much as possible as the thought of seeing dirt, but being too sick to clean it, makes me anxious. The only up side to being sick is the endless supply of fresh Hot & Sour soup takeout that husband gets me!

sweater: H&M
shirt: Old Navy
jeans: Garage
scarf: Jean Machine
boots: Aldo

2 notes:

Kellie Deyo said...

omg your cat is beautiful!!! what kind of cat is that?? I love your scarf too!

jen@closetrivalry said...

He's a persian. Kim actually adopted him from the Humane Society forever ago, but he's a grump and didn't get along with her cats or husband so he's been mine for years and is the best cat I have ever had!