November 18, 2012

a sunday of shopping fun

Jen and I finally did something together we could blog about here. We went to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show and it was alot of fun - for the first 20 minutes and then it became a zoo and we got tired of the insanity really quickly. Jen only bought a purse, but I was a bit more successful - having found a cute little wool jacket she wanted but didn't like how it fit on her ($30), a hat box ($40), a pair of DKNY unworn knee high boots ($64) and an adorable embroidered and leather (on the sides) black purse with gold detailing and chain strap (very Dolce & Gabbana @ $30).

We then went into the Rideau Centre to do a bit of shopping - I couldn't stick around long because my husband wanted us to go look at a nifty car - which we ended up buying. :-) I did pick up a couple things before I had to leave. 

Love this colour combo of camel and fluro pink. From the Gap on sale for about $25.

Sorry for the shitty pic but these were taken when it was getting dark and I was in a rush. This cami was from Jacob and was...I can't remember. $25 maybe. Needed more to go under all my new jackets/blazers.  

And after the jump, some photos from the show....

(The photos with the gorgeous Chanel purse and Chanel shoes are from Poirier Schweitzer based in Montreal.)

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