November 28, 2012

3 shirts

I have no plans of leaving the house today. We spent the morning waiting for people to show up to clean the chimney. They showed 2 hours after they were supposed to, finished in 15 minutes, and handed me a bill for $110. I didn't realize chimney cleaning was that lucrative much of a rip off. At least now I can have fires again without fear of burning this place down, so I'm happy.
I am totally wearing 3 shirts, a hat and scarf in the house today. Is that totally weird? Such an amazing post for a personal style, I suck this week.

shirt: Jacob
chambray shirt: Old Navy
sweater: WIlfred Diderot via Aritzia
leggings: Aritzia
slippers: Minnetonka Moccasins via Little Burgundy

2 notes:

kim. said...

did we not moan and groan about dad's ugly tan moccasins over the years, and here you are WEARING SOME ON OUR FASHION BLOG?!?!?!

(LOL - an don a somewhat related note, it has been almost 3 weeks since that store on Bank St ordered me mukluks....)

jen@closetrivalry said...

I feel like death...leave me alone!