October 25, 2012


My mom started doing Weight Watchers a few months ago, and as I eat there often I quickly realized how amazing the recipes are. So I bought one of their cookbooks, and made a bunch of awesome dinners from it. Although I wasn't any heavier then my university days, I found that I looked different and had a few more pounds that I wanted to shed. So my husband and I calculated our points and have been following the diet strictly (with the exception of Friday night pizza) for about 3 weeks. We've been eating such great, healthy and fresh food. I'm never hungry, and the best part is Gia can eat the same food as I am so I don't have to make two meals.  
I feel like I look the same, but my clothes are telling me a different story. Today Gia and I headed to the mall in search of cheap jeans because I'm down to two pairs that fit properly (both of which I've bought since starting the diet). I was stunned when I tried on a size 5 and it was too big. So me and my new size 3 jeans headed on home! I got a few other things too so I'll take some pics and show you tomorrow.

cardi: Gap
tank: Mexx
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Aldo
necklace & earrings: Simons

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kim. said...

i bought a WW cookbook too over the weekend. the one that's in a binder. going to start making some recipes next week.