October 16, 2012

Topshop goodies

On Saturday I decided to poke around the website of The Bay and see what they had for Topshop stuff. Their selection is ok but NOTHING like the Topshop website. But whatever, ordering from The Bay costs nothing (if you spend more than $150), there are no stupid duty charges and returns are free at any Bay store. And best of all the package showed up in 3 days. YES!

LINK. The photo on The Bay website looks like a totally different colour. I love it but what's up with that? And I thought the sleeves were short because they're rolled in the photo but no, they're regular length. Anyway, I though this would be cute to wear as more of a blazer, since I already have something similar that is a jacket (for outdoors). Keeping this one. 

LINK. My first piece of clothing à la peplum. Huh. Well, it super tight on the top which sucks because I hate that my ribs protrude too much and makes me look thick. This shirt emphasizes that. Love the peplum part though because it hides my i-don't-have-time-to-go-to-the-gym gut. Might keep this because I love the forest green and if it works under blazers. Was only $32 anyway.

LINK. I just remembered this sweater was $70. Might return it then. It's kind of like that thick, undershirt material so it's not really a sweater. And it's a bit short and a bit snug (but looks like it's supposed to be like that, not that I ordered the wrong size). Only reason why I might keep this is because it goes with my purple/burgundy Jeffrey Campbell boots I love so much. But leaning towards returning.

LINK. This is soooooo comfy and fits just right. Love this. Love the colour. Love the shag. 

LINK. I am a moron. Why I didn't think to go check the size of my one pair of Topshop skinny pants/jeans I don't know. I totally ordered the wrong size. Their pants are sized for tiny people. I am not tiny. So these HAVE to go back because I can't get into them. Might order a new pair because I'm dying for burgundy pants. Thinking about going to Holts this week to see what they have first.

3 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

The shag sweater is great! If you decide to reorder let me know first to get in on free shipping.

kim. said...

if i do reorder then YES for that reason

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Let me know too if you reorder. I like their sweaters and could use one.