October 25, 2012

thursday at the office

I thought it would be fun to wear a pyjama-like outfit to work today. It certainly was comfy! Turns out I REALLY need a pair of black pumps. I think every chick needs 'em. How I've gone this long without I don't know. Wanted to wear some with this outfit so had to revert to the only pumps I own - in fluro yellow. And OMG go figure the day I wear a silk shirt I forget to bring my "smooth" bra and instead end up with a lacey/bumpy boob one. OOPS. Thanks to photoshop you won't really be able to see that horror. I did try to find some black pumps at lunch with my twin when we raced down to Wolf & Zed. Got a couple other things instead. Gimme a few minutes to tweak the pics....

silk v-neck shirt ~ Aritzia (Wilfred) ...love this shirt SO much!!!
pants ~ Joe Fresh {last seen here}
fluro pumps ~ Aldo {last seen here}
necklace & bracelet ~ H&M

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