October 11, 2012

thursday at the office

I'm not going to sit here and bitch about how shitty the lighting is in my office. Nope. Instead I had to tell you all that this morning an email popped into my inbox at work that cracked me up. It was from a "pimp" (as we call the reps at our consultants' companies) and it included a write up the company did on whether or not tattoos should be hidden at the workplace. OH NO YOU DIDN'T just get me going first thing in the goddamn morning! (Ironically none of my tattoos are visible in these photos)

blazer ~ Urban Outfitters
striped top ~ Maison Scotch via Holt Renfrew {last seen here}
jeans ~ Hudson via Holt Renfrew
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Arizona via Shopbop {last seen here}
necklace ~ Strut Jewelry
bracelets ~ The Bay, A Twist of Fate
rings ~ A Twist of Fate

2 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

why would the pimp send you that? shouldn't it be the other way around if it was an issue given you are the employer? either way, so ridiculous. i thought that debate was sorted out years ago with a big "no one cares".

kim. said...

this is a new co. so i guess their tactic is send us annoying emails every once in a while to make sure we remember they're there.
and ya, I don't think tattoos are really an issue these days. And if they are I don't give a shit, clearly.