October 4, 2012

thursday at the office

It's the beginning of a 4 day weekend for me. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian readers! I cannot wait for my mom's turkey. Anyway, I had wanted to stop in at Holts on my way home from work but a massive headache made me head straight home. Bummer, as it has been a rough week and I could have used some retail therapy. I am in need of a pair of black pants/jeans that are not so skinny. I have 1 pair of black pants and they are skinny jeans. I am also wanting a big, cosy black knit sweater that will be a great pairing with the Helmut jeans in this post. On that note, it turns out I should have brought my skinny black jeans to work to wear with this outfit instead of the Helmut jeans but welcome to my life of getting dressed at work.

blouse ~ Banana Republic {last seen here}
tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Helmut via SSENSE {last seen here}
heels ~ Zara {last seen here}
bracelet ~ A Twist of Fate
necklace ~ Wunderkammer

3 notes:

jen@closetrivalry said...

much better styling of these pants than last time :-)

Aida said...

I love this look and I am jealous that I can't even wear any kind of jeans at the moment.i am in darwin Australia and weather is 34 degree plus 60 to 95 percent humidity. Yes it's hot and muggy here and I go to your site and just wishing for colder weather so that I can put on more clothes.

kim. said...

Problem is it just gets colder and COLDER. -30 isn't so fun. (I know the feeling - almost all of our summer this year was 30-40 degrees and HUMID so I am actually enjoying fall for a change).