October 26, 2012

this weeks purchases

Today I'm running around like crazy trying to get the house clean, food prepped, and cupcakes made for Gia's two birthday parties this weekend. I'm in tights and a sweater, and won't be taking pics.
Instead I'll show you my few purchases from yesterday. I'm not one to shop at Garage, since it's clearly a store designed for a much younger demographic. But this lady (who is also a mama) often rocks their pants, and looks awesome in them. So I figured if she can, then I can too. I popped in yesterday and grabbed this chiffon blousesuper skinny jeans, and a locket scarf, for a total of just less than $100. Not bad!  

I was helping my Mom with some Christmas shopping, and since she's the best mom there is, she bought me this scarf from Jean Machine. Thanks Mom!

2 notes:

Lyn said...

LOVE that blouse. Can't wait to see you in it.

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Thanks for the mention - you're so sweet! I love Garage for their non-teen specific wear - their denim and classic sweaters look so much more expensive than they actually are - and they hold up well too!

Love the items you picked out - I need that scarf already :-)

By the way - check this out - Garage retweeted a link to your blog!