October 14, 2012

sunday breakie at the pub

*** I still feel like ass so this was a best-effort type of situation.

jacket ~ Gap
t-shirt ~ F21 ($1.99!!)
jeans ~ F21
boots ~ Hunter via Trust Fund (right Jen?)
skull bag ~ Anarchy Gallery
belt ~ H&M
bracelet ~ Beaded Dreams

4 notes:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

your boots need deblooming. you'll see a huge difference.

kim. said...

and a basic cleaning. they're filthy.

AMR said...

..or just a good heavy and hammering rain? :)

I think rubber boots should look like that...not pristine.
They're the trusty Jeep of footwear. Sparkly clean? No!
p.s. You wear "feeling like ass" well, Kim. :)

kim. said...

:) thanks
turns out my feeling like ass is strep throat. awesome.