October 18, 2012

olive, again

Kim's all about burgundy, and apparently I'm all over anything green. I own two pieces and managed to post 'em back to back.
Pardon the blurry pics...photo shoots with the kid around, although hilarious and fun, rarely end with good pics. I do love her attention to detail; it seems that Gia is still mesmerized by diamonds and heels. That a girl!


shirt: Zara
jeans: Gap
shoes: from Kim...they were too small for her
watch: Fossil
bracelet: from my mom

4 notes:

kim. said...

i miss those shoes :(

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

did you end up giving those to Jen?!?!?!

jen@closetrivalry said...

Yes she did but they are a tad too big for me so you can try them and see if they fit you.

kim. said...

Julia bought them too - but she managed to exchange hers at a store for bigger size.