October 20, 2012

look what i gone and done

The hubby and I were out running errands today, and one of our stops was at a mall to return two of my Topshop purchases at The Bay. Turns out I should have returned at least one other item. Here's why. Since we made the trip all the way to the mall (LOL) I hinted that I wanted to run into Aritzia since I hadn't been there in months. BIG MISTAKE PEOPLE. They have some REALLY cool stuff. And I made an even bigger mistake by trying some things on. I have a reeeeeeeally hard time saying no to something after I've tried it on and realized it looks decent. I totally fell in love with most of what I tried on. All I can say is my new house is getting smaller and smaller. ;)

This sweater/jacket is so freaking awesome I can't even tell you. At least 3 of the girls working in the store told me they own it, love it or want it. It also comes in white flecks.

I had been looking for a long black sweater and finally found one. It's fantastic. Made of silk and cashmere, it's got a cozy turtleneck, slim fitting sleeves, the front is a thin knit cashmere and the back is the best part. It's see-through silk. :-)

One of the girls suggested I try on the sweater above with this royal blue long slip. She said it looks really cute sticking out the bottom of the sweater. Only when I tried them on together the slip wasn't long enough to show (it might if I loosen the straps). It's such a great colour and it being long is kind of fun, so I bought it anyway.

Yep, I love this too. ALOT. It's a silk sweater. Now that's hot. It's like a blouse/sweater. I tried it on in royal blue but decided to stick with black. If I hadn't spent so much I would have bought both.

I thought I could use a t-shirt in almost Charlie Brown colours. Love the fall shades.

I also picked up a new MAC lipstick (Polished Up) and eye shadow (Quarry).

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Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...enuf said.

jen@closetrivalry said...

love the black long sweater. i have that shadow and wear it all the time.