October 12, 2012

friday at the office

It's Friday, and I woke up with a really achy throat (actually, whole body). By 2 pm I was dying, with a bad sore back and a sore throat that had gotten worse all day. S all that being said, I felt like dressing like a slob at work today. Made even worse by the chills I had so I was huddled in my dirty Columbia fleece sweater I wear to walk to work. No pics of that though. I was smart enough to take it off first. So I plan on spending alot of time on the couch this weekend. Except Sunday for breakie cause gawd forbid I miss my Sunday grease, and then I will be stopping in at work to bring my team some McD's cheeseburgers because they have to work all weekend.

sweater ~ Aritzia
tank ~ H&M
skinny bf jeans ~ Lucky Brand
sneakers ~ Nike
necklace ~ Mexico
bracelets ~ H&M, The Bay and Marc by Marc Jacobs hair elastics via Holts
rings ~ Mexico and Wunderkammer

2 notes:

Brandi said...

I love all your jewels in combination with the nail polish. I am obsessed with dark nails right now!! fun outfit!


kim. said...

thanks Brandi! dark nails look great for fall.