October 24, 2012

fall wants

There is something about scarves that add instant cozy to any outfit. I find them much more interesting (and obviously warmer) than necklaces. I'd like to find a few more mid-weight ones without the tassels or whatever you call the hanging things. 
I wore this over to my parents today to let my kid play with her cousin for the morning. I did good with the  boots for the soggy outdoors, but a warmer jacket would have been a good idea since we were outside quite a bit. I've got me a few warm coats for winter, but other than this jean jacket, no casual ones for fall.
Seems like a pattern here...I realize I need certain pieces when the season is almost over!

shirt: Aritzia
jacket: Garage
jeans: Gap
boots: Hunters via Trustfund
scarf: H&M

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kim. said...

i should put short hunters on my xmas list. they're super cute. i'd get a fun colour this time.