October 4, 2012

age appropriate

Am I too old for high tops and plaid? Separately, no. But together, I'm not so sure. Then again I spend the majority of my days playing house and various other games of make believe so perhaps it's rather appropriate.
(No, I'm not wearing makeup. And yes, I do in fact look like I'm half asleep sans eyeliner & mascara).

tee & plaid shirt: Garage
jeans: Gap
shoes: Converse
ring: Mexico
bracelets: H&M

5 notes:

Farquist said...

Nope, not too old. Cute and stylin'!

kim. said...

love the minnie (sp?) shot.
i'm 37 and i wear things with spikes and studs on them. so YES YOU CAN.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic but I really think you should check out your sister's blog with the post on Hunter Wellies today, I love the shorter wellies ☺

Lyn said...

You may not be wearing makeup, but your hair is Great. And you are NOT to old for the clothes.