October 30, 2012

2 years ago

2 years ago today was my induction day with Gia. I try not to think of the specifics of the hours leading up to her birth too often because it was a crazy, long, scary and painful day. But I so enjoy looking at pics of pregnant me as I find it truly amazing that my body was able to grow a baby, especially one that ended up being 10 lbs! So I thought that along with today's outfit pics, I'd share what a 205 lb pregnant me looked like.

Me, 2 years ago...

And today...

tee: American Eagle
jeans: Gap
boots: Steve Madden Troopa via Town Shoes
bag: ASOS
bracelets: JoeFresh

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kim. said...

wow - forgot how freaking massive you were. makes you look like a stick in comparison! (cute tee!)