September 28, 2012

things that annoy me

There are some things that are annoying me today, about this outfit, and otherwise. Here goes...
- how the zipper "flap" doesn't cover the zipper on these jeans
- any post raving about Body by Vi on Facebook
- how I look in a blazer, cause I really want to like them
- my employer, for oh so many reasons
- any post on Facebook about how life is frigging grand, for the 20th time, from the same person
- how people leave their carts in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store
- Pugley, and his ridiculousness of carrying this mouse around in his mouth while letting out the horniest of cries.
- people who do not let a person (carrying a child plus umpteen bags) cross at the crosswalk

But otherwise, I'm having a great day!

blazer, shirt, belt, necklace: H&M
jeans: Gap
shoes: Aldo
rings: Mexico and from my mom's jewelry box
watch: Fossil

3 notes:

Anonymous said...

I want that necklace so bad. Is it in stores now, or did you get it awhile ago?

kim. said...

Too funny how you got a shot of Pugs with the mouse in his mouth.
Still need to hear the story about employer. Feel free to call me.

jen@closetrivalry said...

It was still there last weekend!