September 4, 2012

starring everyone

I hope you all had an amazing long weekend. We're home from a fantastic weekend at the cottage and are spending the day running errands and getting ready for another busy week. On the schedule...hitting up all our favorite places that have been overrun by way too many kids all summer. But school's back in session, and we will have everything to ourselves! Sadly I've lost a few mama friends who've had to return to work so we'll be on our own a little more. 

But back to something kind of relevant to the blog...what the heck are decent alternatives to ugly hair (butterfly) clips? I know Kim's looking for them too, and neither of us can use bobby pins as our hair is really thick. Suggestions?

On Jen:
blouse: F21
shorts: AE
belt & shoes: H&M
necklace: Simons

On Gia:
tee: Zara
shorts: JoeFresh

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Anne said...

Hi Jen and Kim,

I've been following the blogs of all three sibling for quite some time and love all of them.
You are looking for a fashionable hairclips solution.
We make just that. Our unique designer hairclips / barrettes called
Jewels-in-Hair is multi-functional jewelry.
We design and hand make these Hair Jewels. The bonus....these barrettes can be worn as a pendant and bracelet too. Completely interchangeable all-in-one jewelry, as is demonstrated on this Youtube video
For various design options and more info visit our website

Thanks for the blog and keep it rolling.....
Best wishes

kim. said...

Thanks for following our blogs Anne! Cute hair clips/pendants! (Although I don't think I could wear them - I need several small/simple ones)

jen@closetrivalry said...

wow anne, they are so pretty!