September 5, 2012

new jeans!

I saw these Helmut jeans pop up on SSENSE the other day and HAD to get myself a pair. The someone-just-took-a-paint-roller-to-my-pants look is really cool. They arrived within 2 days (I love that they're located only in Montreal) and I'm smitten.

And if this heat lets up soon I might be able to wear them!

3 notes:

devon davis said...

I am totally going to DIY these :)

Peggy said...

OMG Kim! I must be behind - sorry I know this is a post about new jeans - but when did you paint your door neon green! I LOVE IT! I also really love your red shoes from a couple of posts back. It's cool that you can dress so funky at work.

kim. said...

:-) I never really blogged the door. I got it from a friend a while back and painted it but never ended up installing it until recently when our existing door decided to fall apart. So we put it up pretty quickly - and my husband and his friend royally frigged it up and cut too much off when they were trying to trim it to fit and now we have to replace this one too. The green is fun. It's chinese red on the front but we kept our ugly screen door in place so you can't really see it. :(