September 24, 2012

keep or toss?

In an effort to make room in the hall closet for fall/winter boots and jackets, I'm purging. I bought this faux leather jacket last year on sale at JoeFresh and I think I wore it once. Like blazers, I find it boxy and unflattering on me. I also hate that I can't get the wrinkles out. But I'm my harshest critic, so should I keep it or toss it?

sweater & jeans: Mango
boots: Aldo (last season)
glasses: DKNY
jacket: JoeFresh 

9 notes:

Jen B said...

I'd keep it. I think it looks cute. And the sweater suits you too.

Jo Ro said...

If you're unsure - toss (or hand to a friend).

Esp. if you've only worn it once.

Is it too big?

Maybe give to a taller friend.

kim. said...

Toss it and get one of those cute ones at Zara.

Maryse said...

Donate it. You don't love it so you won't wear it. But someone else will love it

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

cute sweater! i like the jacket - maybe cause i have the same one (or mine is extremely similar, also from there)

Anonymous said...

Toss it!

Linda said...

Honestly, not the best fit for you, Jen. (Just look at the sleeves - waaay too long! And the shoulders are a bit shlumpy.) You can get something way better.

All opinions are purely personal and offered with love. :)

jen@closetrivalry said...

thanks everyone...I agree and so the jacket goes.

kim...i will not be replacing a $40 jacket with a $400 Zara jacket!

kim. said...

it was $400?!?!?!