September 21, 2012


Things that made me happy today:
- a full on midday dance-a-thon, which got all the more nuts when Gia demanded I crank the tunes way up
- buying a scale, and finding out I'm 3 lbs less than I thought
- after 4 years, finally remembering to buy daffodil bulbs
- a Starbucks latte, there aren't nearly enough of them in my life
- new magazines to read on a rainy afternoon
- the new season of ANTM uploaded to Apple TV
- it's Friday. Finally. The longest week ever is over.

sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Zara
shoes: H&M
bracelet: Bahamas

1 notes:

kim. said...

Damn I need to get ANTM too
I love yellow
I got a haircut this morning
Happy Friday