September 27, 2012

dinner out

After spending yesterday at home while my car was in the garage, I needed out so we headed for Chinese last night. I wore this sweater for the first and last time. It's too big, and not in the good way. Also, here's a perfect example of why I don't buy expensive things...even my shoes aren't safe from toddler destruction!

sweater: Mexx
jeans: Zara
necklace: Mango
earrings: Magpie
shoes: Aldo

3 notes:

Topperlett said...

I think you look nice. I like that sweater on you.

kim. said...

i agree - it looks least in the 2nd last photo.

gianna in her converse makes me want to just EAT HER UP.

Anonymous said...

I like it too - and you could totally wear that over leggings.