September 23, 2012

another trip to montreal

My mom, Jen, my husband and I went back to Montreal yesterday to check out the Carrefour Laval mall. I won't get into details (unless Jen wants to in her post) but this mall sucked a** and we will never go back (unless to just run into Simons and Victoria's Secret). I just went along for something to do, but of course ended up coming home with goodies, and spending the most (I've very good at that). You'll see how I managed that at the end of this post. I had reeeeeeeally wanted to go to a store I found online that of course only exists in Toronto and Montreal called TNT that sells some of my favourite brands like Acne, Citizens of Humanity, Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang etc.....but after the trip to the mall we were exhausted and I had already spent too much. There's an antique show in Montreal in a few weeks so maybe we'll check them both out then.
Anyway, here's what I picked up yesterday:

From Forever 21 (which turned out to be like a discount store, like F21 isn't already cheap enough)

cause i never have enough basic tees and at $6 you can't go wrong

when this one was entered into the computer it came up at $1.99 :-)

my house is old and has shitty insulation so i live in fleece for 8 months of the year. these are perfect - cheap ($8) and DO NOT have a hood. i should have bought 8 more.

From American Apparel:

Acrylic snake tunic - a cute basic sweater with fun batwing sleeves

these Nantucket fleece leisure pants pants look a little ridiculous but they're like a thick warm sweater on the outside and fleece on the inside. these are my dream hang-around-the-house pants. i've been eye-balling these for 2 or 3 years now. yesssssss.

odd that these sweatpants were about $10 more expensive than the ones above and these are just basic sweatpants. but they are super soft and cozy and I'm wearing them now. *sigh*

i was wandering around at The Gap and my husband came over with this little bomber jacket (which i can't find on the site). the interior is ALL SHERPA. this is going to be worn all winter i can tell you that with absolute certainty. i wore it this morning as a little jacket out to breakie and OMG it's so warm and snuggly. good job hubby!

I am FINALLY the proud owner of a decent winter coat. I have wanted a North Face 3/4 length coat for several years and never broke down and spent the $400 or whatever on it. In the past I've hated spending lots of money on stuff for winter because I hate winter and everything that goes along with it but lately, maybe because I'm getting old, I have decided while I am living in the goddamn arctic, I am just going to have to embrace the hell that is a Canadian winter and DEAL. So I didn't buy a North Face coat (although I did try one on)....I went all out and bought a Canada Goose coat. I justified it by saying I walk to work everyday and need something to keep me from ending up frozen in a snowbank between Little Italy and downtown. I did find out it comes with a 25 year warranty so OMG this is the last winter coat I will be buying for a VERY long time. YES!!!

(this is crazy, but the salesperson told me to be careful - that there is a black market out there for Canada Goose jackets, and that I should write down the serial number on the inside tag and make sure when it comes back from the cleaners that the same freaking number is inside. OMG)

6 notes:

Maryse said...

That is an awesome coat.

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

So very jeal of that coat and if you need to get rid of some of your old winter coats, you know who to give them to.... :)

kim. said...

I have a few I have put in give-away bags to bring to mom and dads.

Linda said...

The bomber jacket is darling. I am so jealous that your husband: 1. Has such a good eye. 2. Willingly goes shopping with you. 3. Is an asset (not a hinderance) during said shopping. What a keeper! :)

kim. said...

:) It's sometimes shocking that he's so willing to shop with us. I think this time it was because he desperately needed jeans.