September 29, 2012

a little treat

The hubby and I didn't have much to do this weekend for a change (besides the usual chores) so we decided to walk around Wellington St. We didin't find many stores we wanted to check out, but then discovered the Westboro Farmer's Market so we wandered around in there. We bought some sweet potato wedges for a snack, lots of cookies (OMG I bought 2 of the biggest thumbprint cookies!), some fresh honey, simosas and to my surprise I found a really cool jewelry booth. I told myself I'd stop buying jewelry but I love supporting local crafty people so what the hell. There were 2 necklaces I fell in love with, one being a 3 chevron design that matched my new tattoo that I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting but I got this one instead.

Cute eh? It's a hammered brass tube...and turns out you can get yourself one here at Alyssa's Etsy shop!  She doesn't have the other 2 in her shop unfortunately or I'd show you. And that is all I bought today. Bummer. I even left Beige empty handed for I think the first time EVER (although they had 2 of the most amazing leather-seat-steel-base barstools that I wanted so badly but I don't even have a counter to put them at so I saved myself $600).

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