August 27, 2012

monday meltdown

In retrospect wearing pants on such a hot day was not my smartest idea but I had a tonne of boring errands to run and knew I'd be in air conditioned stores. I did not foresee that the morning would be one that contained worlds longest toddler meltdown. The kid had me sweating. I should have said "screw it" and went home for a well deserved time out, but I had shit to do and no desire to put it off. So I was that mom, with screaming child in tow, in one store and on to another. I don't really blame her though, after 11 days spent on the beach in a bathing suit, where the only rules are don't chase the ducks, and don't drown.

shirt: Old Navy
pants & sunglasses: H&M
shoes: Aldo
bracelts: JoeFresh
earrings: Mexico
watch: Fossil

5 notes:

A.Co said...

Those pants looks awesome on you.

Happy belated birthday!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

kim. said...

i really do love those sandals. i should have bought some.

jen@closetrivalry said...

You still can. On sale for 30.

kim. said...

seems silly to be buying sandals like that at the end of Aug tho'