June 15, 2012

latest purchases

Got myself a few things yesterday after work and today while at the grocery store (I am off work today - YAY!). A couple days ago I had gone to Holt Renfrew really quickly with my twin sis to check out their sales. We found a Maison Scotch army/cargo jacket on sale that was really cute. I went home and kept thinking about it and how it would be a great staple in my wardrobe so I went back to get it yesterday (and of course today their sales are now up to 60% off instead of 40% dammit!).

While it was being rung up I decided to also snag a limited edition Tory Burch-designed FEED bag made exclusively for Holts where proceeds go to charity.

Today we specifically chose a grocery store that had a large Joe Fresh section because I really need some pants, and instead came home with a cool pair of bleached jeans and white flatforms I had seen blogged by Karen of Where Did U Get That. The jeans were on sale for $35 (from $49) and the sandals for $29 (from $69).

2 notes:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

those jeans are awesome! the shoes are really cute too.

kim. said...

wore the jeans out to dinner - AWESOME! my new favs. looooove the bleached look. (wore the shoes too. pics to come tomorrow)