March 30, 2012

my latest handbag obsession

I have had an obsession with Balenciaga handbags for some time now (I mentioned it here among a few other posts) and while I still do, I think there is a handbag I may like a tiny bit more. I have recently totally fallen in love with Chloe bags. Insert *GASP* here because these bags, my friends, are as expensive if not slightly more than Balenciagas. The leather looks SO AMAZING and there are a couple styles that I reeeeeeeally covet - the Marcie first (love the horseshoe shape) and foremost, then the Paratay. (Sorry no outfit post today - I only went out for groceries in jeans, sweatshirt, Frye boots and F21 parka so you didn't miss anything).

And when I saw Chiara with one in a recent post, I started feeling faint. Yep, I like this bag.

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SusanMac said...

YES!!! Lovely bags- it would be hard to choose a favorite color.