February 4, 2012

saturday day

Ahhh, the weekend! I'm going out tonight, and plan on staying out past 9. This is a really big deal! I'll hate myself tomorrow morning when my hangover and daughter meet at 5am but it'll be worth it get to spend an evening chilling with my besties. 

As requested, here is Pugley's gorgeous squish face.

Jeans: Gap
Cardigan and jewelry: Mexico
Shirt: Target
Boots: Aldo

4 notes:

kim. said...

i love that pugley's tongue is always hanging out. makes him look so much less serious than he actually is.
and i love that cardi - hence why i bought myself one.

Anonymous said...

Pugley is such a cutie. What a beautiful coat he has. sue

vanessa said...

Pugley is gorgeous!!! I've got pugsley (the pug) and boston (the boston terrier) so I'm a huge fan of squish face!

jen@closetrivalry said...

ohhhh i had a boston once upon a time. i'm thinking of getting another once the cats are gone. they are just the cutest things.