February 6, 2012

retail therapy

I am off work this week and had a bunch of time to kill before an appointment this morning so I hit the mall. Never really a good idea, but perfect for head-clearing, mind-numbing amusement. I made several purchases which I justified as retail therapy. You know, when times are tough, go shopping!
Here's what I picked up:

First up was American Apparel. I bought one of their shawl cardigans...Jen told me recently when we were looking at it that it was too big. This time I tried it on and too big it was not! I like to be bundled up in the winter so I think this was a good buy, plus it's super soft cotton and I think a bargain at $62 considering it's size.

Next up was Aritzia. I really do enjoy this store alot. I picked up some mittens on sale for $8 (no need for a photo), a really cool jacket made in a silky quilted fabric for $50 (lyocell apparently...and it looks much better on than on the hanger, trust me), and a super long knee-length cashmere sweater for $50.

Then into Sephora to get a new blush and some lip gloss (forgot my bag of lip products at work and am dying without them). Got a NARS blush in Orgasm and 2 Sephora brand lip glosses.

Then we went to Zara, where there is a huge end of season sale happening. Of course I ended up getting nothing on sale. I picked up 2 things - a cool denim-looking shirt in the same material (lyocell) as the jacket above (this is going to be a new fav) for $50 and a huge clutch-like purse (it has a strap inside which I won't likely use) that is so freaking fantastic for $50.

Then was a quick jaunt over to Urban Outfitters which, to my embarrassment, was my first trip to the one here in Ottawa since it opened a year or 2 ago (I had only ever been to this store in Montreal). I was pretty disappointed I have to say. All I bought were 3 t-shirts (total of about $60).

4 notes:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

love it all! so zara sale stuff not worth a trip there on lunchbreak?

kim. said...

i don't really think it's worth it but maybe that's just because the store looked kind of chaotic and I can't shop in chaos.

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

i hate chaos too but if the deals are real good...

jen@closetrivalry said...

nice finds! can't wait to see how the sweater looks on.