February 3, 2012


A while back I found myself on the ModCloth website - probably because of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. ModCloth has to be one of the funnest online shops around. Alot of their stuff is too girly (ie. dresses) or retro for me but I have alot of fun checking out their latest additions regardless. And the stuff is CHEAP! I purchased my Betsey Johnson combat boots from this store, and shipping costs etc. weren't too bad. I just went through several pages of their new items and here are pieces I'd love to own...

Gem Class Necklace - $15.99

Aw Shucks Top - $69.99

Ivory Rose Dress - $72.99

Subtle Shades Handbag - $112.99

Coach Tour Top in Sand - $37.99

One Can Taupe Tunic - $49.99

Be a Mentor Blazer - $44.99

Seaside Salutations Coat - $109.99

Wandering in Williamsburg Top in Greyscale Plaid - $34.99

Wandering in Williamsburg Top in Black Gingham - $34.99

Never Plaid It So Good Jeans - $79.99

Drop Me a Line Blazer - $84.99

Lemon Square Deal Handbag - $54.99

Dusk Flurries Coat - $124.99

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