January 26, 2012

window shopping: jcrew

I'm having a super rough time getting my butt in gear this morning so my chances of making myself presentable are dwindling with each passing moment. 

Instead, I'm window shopping over at JCrew. I didn't realize they ship to Canada for a flat fee with nothing payable upon delivery. However, I also didn't realize that the store was on the pricey side. So I've got my eye on the these items for spring, and hopefully they'll end up on sale in the near future cause I'd really like them to be mine!

Natasha top
Sequin stripe tank

Stretch twill short

Polka-dot shorts

Stripe sweater-skirt

Classic merino cardigan

5 notes:

Lauren said...

J Crew is the best for a spring wardrobe.
I'm so glad I have an outlet semi near by.

vanessa said...

Guess what? J Crew Factory shop open online- get deals here: http://www.jcrew.com/factory.jsp

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vanessa... definitely check out the J.Crew factory site!!


NK: Style-ING w/ Children said...

I was doing the SAME THING this morning. I"m digging their café pants and can't decide what colour I want! :)

jen@closetrivalry said...

THANKS VANESSA! i'm short on time now but just took a quick peek and they have great stuff at much more affordable prices! i think i'll def be placing an order soon.

@NK - the baked citron is amazing!