January 24, 2012

teen spirit

Apparently 5 hours sleep makes me revert to dressing like I'm 16 again. At least I skipped the thick black eyeliner that made my parents cringe.  If only I had a pair of red doc's like I did way back when...

Jeans: American Eagle
Nirvana Sweatshirt: H&M
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

5 notes:

kim. said...

omg. this outfit is SO not you. not that there's anything wrong with it.
AS IF you had red Docs. i totally don't remember that. unless that was during your stint in yellowknife.

jen said...

i had three pairs of 8 hole doc's...red, navy blue, AND army green!
and a pair of black 3 holes. that was in my "i only shop at rock junction" stage.

kim. said...

omg rock junction. is that place still around?

jen said...

there's one on rideau. but it's really sketchy now...and cheap looking.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit. Looks comfy. Love the Converse, I have a pair in baby blue.
I think you look better with less makeup. It's a fresher and younger look. sue