January 23, 2012

personal shopper: parka

Kim is quite busy these days with a cat living in her bathroom, two blogs, a full time day job, and a major house reno in the planning stages. She too is sick of her puffy jacket and wants a parka, so she asked if I could take a look around and find her one. I found about 20 nice ones. So here you go Kim...and if you buy one of these we'll discuss my fee!

Parka with Oversized Quilted Lining, ASOS
Steve Madden Faux Fur Trim Parka

Padded Cargo Coat, Forever 21

Lole Andora City Jacket
Weatherproof Faux Fur Trim Jacket
Berry Parka

Grey Tab Front Parka Coat

Britannia Knee-Length Parka, Aritzia
Bancroft Knee-Length Parka, Artizia

7 notes:

kim. said...

I think I'm digging the 1st (ASOS) and the 3rd (Mr. Madden). Hmmmmm....

P.S. fee?!?!

jen said...

my fave is the grey tab front one. i think the elastic at the bottom would keep the cold and wind out.
no fee, just jokes. but it took forever to find a selection that had your size, and shipped to canada for free/a nominal fee.

kim. said...

OMG you even did my HOMEWORK!

kim. said...

since i have $5000 in vet bills coming up, i'm thinking about the F21 jacket, even though i wanted an army green one and it is poopy brown....but it's cheap and i won't get nailed duty charges and whatever else

Anonymous said...

Hi girls! Love your blog! Can you shop on US site Overstock? Tons of great options in every price range here: http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Parkas/12740/subcat.html

jen said...

thanks...glad you're enjoying it!
i checked their site and they just started to ship to canada...with guaranteed landing costs, which is a huge plus! you couldn't imagine how much we get dinged with paying duty/brokerage fees once the goods arrive at our doors. thanks for the tip!

vanessa (i was the previous anonymous above!) said...

Totally get it! My parents live in Brazil and the tax there makes online shopping a near impossibility. I'm a sucker for online shopping at a steal. If you girls ever make it to Los Angeles (where I live) make sure to check out sample sales in the area at that time. You'll loose your mind! Bargainsla.com - go to hot sales!