January 24, 2012

craving nice weather outfit #1

Since I never get the opportunity to get some decent outfit shots taken by someone other than myself and in the daylight, Sunday I decided to do try some with the help of my husband. Then I had the brilliant idea to leave him out of it to make things alot easier. Instead I created some outfits, displayed them in my dressing room and took some photos myself. Here is one of them. 

Fur jacket: vintage via the now defunct Aunt Olive's
Sequin tank: H&M
Jeans: Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans
Flats: Gap
Clutch: maybe Town Shoes...bought it for Jen's Vegas wedding in Nov '09
Pearl bracelet: no clue. really old. i have a thing with big fake pearls. (there's a short huge-pearl necklace at Holts I've been eye-balling for probably 5 years that's $80...one of these days I'll break down and buy it).

This outfit would be so much fun to wear at the office. Nothing like showing up at the ol' government job with fake fur, sequins and pearls. YEAH BABY!

3 notes:

jen said...

jealous. i was looking at a sequence tank today (on sale from $180 to $60 at Aritzia) but i can't think of anywhere i'd actually wear it without feeling incredibly overdressed.

kim. said...

btw it's sequins. and OMG with jeans and a little cardi - YES!

jen said...

bahaha auto spell check fail.